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Our keyword is "experience".
And experience is the only authority we recognise.

Your Business Partner’s approach to Change Management is the result of our combined approach in philosophical research, hands-on business management, coaching and neuroscience.
We start every mission from the phenomenological angle, inside the business reality we are working with. In other words, we go and see how things really are.

We start from the personal awareness in action.

We then apply our deep knowledge of human nature based on our experience of coaching business leaders.
Man, with his reasons, freedom, desires, emotions and responsibility is a unity. Thus we can understand ourselves only insofar as we relate to reality, business reality, and to others, the team we are a part of.
Thanks to this knowledge and this experience we know that we can get a sense of ourselves only through action and interaction. It is only through creating and living personal experiences that we become fully aware of ourselves. It is the experience which allows us to learn, change and innovate.
This is why we organize workshops in which our participants can experience how to take an active approach to observing, questioning, building relationships, connecting ideas, prototyping, changing themselves and their companies, and so attain higher value for both.


To understand our Business Model we can look to science and compare it to an enzymatic reaction.

For an enzymatic reaction to take place it is necessary that the reagents:

-       Have the right orientation

-       Get in contact with each other

-       Acquire the energy needed to break and form chemical bonds

Each reaction is characterized by a particular energy, the free energy

This is how YBP works.

With the same mechanism, using the Innovation Process Method (observing, questioning, building relationships, associating ideas, making decisions, prototyping), our three reagents (people, communication and digital) get in touch with our clients, in order to undertake with a project and therefore create value.

In this way, we are able to “break” pre-existing ideas and generate new ones, new solutions.

  • So, like the enzymes, we become catalysts that accelerate the speed of the reactions without altering their equilibrium.ybp business model aminoacidi.001

    According to Professor Clayton Christensen's article, published in 2013 at HBR, there are 3 different business models in Business Consultancys:

    • Solution shop (and it’s dead)
    • Value-added process (and a lot of great consultancy companies still use this approach)
    • Facilitated network (IDEO is in this category)
    • Now, we are creating another business model: Action-Awareness-Adapt together

    Our business model is structured in an open way that allows us to act within our clients’ companies and help them to become aware of their own business model, which has to face a constant evolution in the market. We enable them to adapt continuously to this evolution/revolution.

    Our clients are willing to pay in order to learn effective ways to adapt themselves to the complexity they are living.

    Nowadays, innovation and sustainability have to go together.






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