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MRN is an entrepreneur with 30 years' experience in R&D, Pharma, and management of her own consultancy company. 

She has an overwhelming combination of experience, intelligence, passion and energy, which makes her the right person to guide this team to exceed expectations as she is used to do. She started her career in the academia between Milan and Bruxelles, before developing a successful career path in the management team of multinational pharmaceutical companies such Bayer, Schwarz Pharma and UCB Pharma. In 2008, she studied her MBA at INSEAD and funded Your Business Partner (YBP) to enhance collaboration, innovation and leadership in top brands. Ferrari, Vodafone, Bayer, Humanitas, Ferring are among her most faithful clients.

Philosophical Publications:

  • Ipotesi di metafisica, modello matematico, creazione eschaton: una lettura dell’opera di Jean Ladriére, in «Rivista di Filosofia Neo-scolastica», LXXXIV,1992, n. 4.
  • Gilbert Kirscher, Figures de la violence et de la modernité. Essais sur la philosophie d’Éric Weil , «Revue Philosophique de Louvain»,1992, n. 88, vol 90, pp. 590-592.
  • La sagesse de l’histoire. Jean-Baptiste Vico et la philosophie pratique, in «Revue Philosophique de Louvain», 1993, vol. 91, pp. 249-258.
  • Cahiers Éric Weil III: Interprétations de Kant. Textes recueillis par Jean Quillien et Gilbert Kirscher, in «Revue Philosophique de Louvain», 1993, vol. 91, pp. 475-479.

Business Publications:
Besides the philosophical publications, she published the following business works:

  • Esperienze aziendali: dott. Maria Rosaria Natale. Responsabile della selezione, formazione e sviluppo manageriale, project leader a livello europeo di Bayer S.p.A in R. Varriale, P. Simonelli,Il coaching in azione, Franco Angeli, Roma, 2004, pp. 206-222.
  • Harward Business Review Italia: Apprendimento nel coinvolgimento, July 2014.
  • E-Book series: Kant, Wittgenstein and the Blue Sofa, July 2014.
  • Neuropsychological Trends Journal, New business models: the Agents and Inter-Agents in a neuroscientific domain, 2017.

Future challenges:
So far she has approached company development in rather a pragmatic way. Now she would like to reflect on what she has learned over the last 15 years and write two books: one theoretical and the other pragmatic.

  • What is the human challenge today, from a personal point of view?
  • How can managers improve continuously in an upward path?

Maria Rosaria is very much looking forward to facing this challenge and growing through it.



Enrico Rimoldi


Enrico is communication and marketing expert with 30 years’ experience in every form of communication. From television to theatre, journalism, photography, novels, story telling, branding through all sorts of channels. ER developed a successful career in mass communication and contributed to give shape to some of the most innovative techniques that are currently used for TV shows, commercials and theatre. Educated at the London Business School, he delivered a number of successful projects with INSEAD and MIT professors, and over the years developed a wide network of artists, journalists, internationally awarded TV directors and top manager. Now, he undertakes consultancy work and is responsible for an effective communication of YBPH's projects.

Future challenges:
Every time a man acquires new knowledge, knowledge to make him smarter, he also acquires a hunger for more. That is why Enrico is continuously studying design and marketing.


Digital and Data


Matteo has 30 years' experience in IT. He developed a successful career in large multinational organisations such as IBM, Deutsche Bank, Avaloq and B-Source, where he worked as Head of IT first and was appointed Deputy CEO afterwards. MM not only has been working at the forefront of digitalisation and big data his whole career, but he has also been a patient himself. This experience moved him to leave a brilliant career and join forces with the rest of the team, investing heavily on this opportunity to improve healthcare efficiency in key hospitals worldwide. MM can already count on a solid and rapidly expanding network of doctors and hospitals' CEOs in Switzerland (including at the Valcucco clinic and Hirslanden) keen on working with YBPH.




Gaelle couples an MBA at INSEAD with 20 years' experience in strategy consulting and training. Before setting up her own company in 2006, she worked for 7 years as Managing Director at Palladium Group. She has long experience helping both larger multi-nationals and start-ups achieve top and bottom line demonstrable results from the execution and management of their strategy and supporting initiatives. She delivered a number of projects in healthcare and also decided to join forces with the YBPH team, sharing her rich network and great competences to undertake consultancy work and conduct business development in the UK and Dubai. She runs the operations for the London office. 

She has worked for a variety of industries including financial services, manufacturing, high tech, professional services and the public sector, with start ups as well as large corporates of varying organisational and cultural complexity.




Muibat is specialised in Strategy Implementation and Management. Her focus is helping both private and public sector clients to execute their strategies and achieve measurable transformation that delivers tangible results. She heads our Middle East and Africa practice, where she developed a wide network of healthcare professionals interested in working with YBPH. On the technical side, MI focuses on helping clients to translate their strategy into measurable operational terms, develop KPIs and Balanced Scorecards, align business units, and cascade strategy to individuals. In addition, she supports them with the identification, prioritisation and management of portfolios of initiatives to achieve real transformation.


Project Manager


Lorenzo is a PM at YBPH with 5 years' experience and splits his time between conducting business development and undertaking consultancy work. Lorenzo developed considerable experience providing consultancy services for Humanitas Clinic, supporting the re-design of the breast cancer pathway of the hospital. Previous to YBPH, Lorenzo was part of the business development team of a multi-national consultancy company, and engaged with clients and partners in Europe and oversea, liaising with private and public sector stakeholders in Europe, Africa, South East Asia and the US. He managed multi-million pounds projects of the UK Government worldwide, and successfully supported the expansion of the company’s business in South East Africa and Nepal.



Laura Sostaric


Laura is a Project Manager with 10 years' experience in different industries including healthcare, engineering, telco and FMCG. Before joining YBP she worked for 9 years in R&D for Unilever (Italy and Argentina). She has very strong project management skills and a wide record of products' development working from the design to the launch in different markets. She is passionate about projects of collaboration and innovation with a holistic approach based on the value of the person, the beauty of art and the collective solutions. This is her approach to project implementation, which reflects the key aspects of YBPH vision. Laura couples a degree in Engineering from the Catholic University of Argentina with post graduates Anthropological studies from Oxford University, a natural inclination towards fine analytical skills and a deep capacity to be emphatic.

At YBP, Laura is Senior Project Management, in charge for international projects in Healthcare and Telco.



Selam Ghebre Kiristos

Selam is a smiley and curious person originally from Eritrea. She was born and raised in Milan. She lived several years in the UK where she graduated in Economics from City University London. She then moved to Switzerland where she worked at VF corp for the brand Napapijry, coordinating all the retail and commercial activities of the partnership stores of Italy and Spain with the Partnership Manager.
After this experience, she moved back to Milan where she first worked for L’Oréal as a Business Controller and then joined YBP.
At YBP she’s a Project Manager assistant, supporting the senior staff, partners and directors on international projects in healthcare and telco. Reporting to the CEO/Owner, she is also in charge of the internal administration and financial processes. She also coordinates the day-to-day organization of the office as well as ad hoc events and workshops, all while taking care of YBP’s unique image and culture.
When she’s not at work you are likely to find her strolling around the city to discover new places, try new experiences and meet different people



Bernadette Kester

For years Bernadette worked successfully as senior manager in various industries.
For the last 8 years she has worked as an independent leadership and personal coach.
She is specialized in developing and coaching individuals and teams towards top performance and understanding intercultural differences. Her style is engaging and focused on results.
Developing people and teams is her passion. As a seasoned manager, Bernadette also understands the dilemmas people encounter.Switching between the organisation’s strategy and the individual issues is one of her strengths.
Her clients operate in various industries, e.g. banking, international trade, ICT, oil and gas, financial services and engineering and also not for profit organisations and accountancy/tax partnerships.
She works for Your Business Partner in Milan and , as coach for NBA, the Dutch professional body for registered accountants.
Bernadette graduated in Economics and Business administration at Erasmus University in Rotterdam and Technical University in Delft. In 2013 she graduated at INSEAD’s program in Consulting and Coaching for Change.
Bernadette was born and raised in The Netherlands. She worked and lived for a few years with her family in Brunai in the Far East. From 1998 to 2008 she was the owner of a winery in the south of France.
She is an active sportswoman. She lives with her partner Hans alternately in The Hague and in the Dutch countryside.

Future challenges:
Bernadette’s future challenge is to facilitate and support the discovery, exploration and development of the self. Being yourself and living up to one’s own aspirations make us happy people, open to the world and responsible for our own actions and reflections.



Gianluca Marcato
Gianluca has strong competences in Finance and Leadership.
He has a PhD in Finance at CASS Business School, London and a Master (with distinction) in Real Estate Investment at CASS Business School.
In 1999 he graduated in Business Administration (Laurea Summa cum Laude) at Bocconi University, Milano.
Since 2011 he has been a member of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI).
After years conducting research at CASS Business School, he is now Visiting Senior Fellow at London School of Economics and since March 2014 he has been part of the Committee for Corporate Relationships at Henley Business School, London, and now he also has a chair in Strategic Marketing Committee.

Strategic Roles in Research/Teaching
January 2015 to date: Chair, Strategic Marketing Committee
March 2014 to date: Henley Business School Committee for Corporate Relationships
March 2012 to date: Director, PhD Programme in Real Estate & Planning
November 2007 to date: REP Research Strategy Committee
September 2007 to September 2011: Director, MSc Real Estate Finance & Investment
March 2007 to July 2012: REP Research Seminar Organiser

MSCI / IPD (Worldwide leader in index construction and benchmarking services).
Initial establishment of an Italian real estate index and benchmarking service. Currently Chair of the Italian Valuation Committee and consultant on strategic and organizational issues related to the Italian project. Responsible for the set-up and delivery of junior training within the worldwide structure.
Bank of Italy (Italian Central Bank).
Workshops with 20 inspectors and department heads to review processes and agency issues in processes implemented by “clients”.
Legal & General (International player in insurance, savings and investment management).
Workshop with 25 Fund Managers on Fund Management Styles and Processes. Status quo challenged and opportunities to change style/processes discussed.
The Crown Estates (Property company managing Her Majesty’s estates).
New conception and redesign of the management and organizational structures used for the Marine Estate Portfolio.

Future challenges:
His academic research leads him to seek the relationship between finance and leadership, finance and management styles, finance and expectations and strategic behaviour.
This because finance is a way of measuring what a manager does in a complex environment. Seeing these links is what he is passionate about.

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